Circular Growth Ecosystems Driven By Data


Leverage resource allocations and actions to create sustainable data that drive value.

It's time to show your HANDPRINT®

Look around. Everything is changing in real time. We are doing everything at the speed of light now. Guess what else is moving just as fast?  Our expectations. You may not realize it, but we all expect that as we get better at doing all sorts of things, we should also be better at developing a more equitable ecosystem that supports people and the environment. To accomplish this requires more than just the conventional approach to supply chain management – traditional spend analysis is no longer enough. Structural and systemic shifts such as climate change, social unrest, resource scarcity, regulatory pressures, 24/7 media scrutiny, and the importance of human capital and diversity increasingly pose business risks and opportunities when effectively shared with consumers, businesses, and investors.    

Data is one of your most valuable assets

Data management is crucial in resource allocations, risk mitigation, transaction management, and identifying the supplier habits that drive value.

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Source: IDC Digital Universe Report

So why aren’t you making the most of it?

Is it from an antiquated approach to value chain enhancement?  

Is it from an antiquated approach to compliance management?  

Or is it that you lack visibility?

How do you turn resource allocations and supplier actions into actionable insights that drive a new level of value?

By activating your suppliers in a whole new way that informs, optimizes supplier engagement, and inspires your suppliers to think and act more circular.

Qonsultum: We develop circular ecosystems that drive growth

Qonsultum offers training, data management, and consulting services that empower suppliers and employees while driving top-line growth, bottom-line efficiency, and ESG goals.  

Learn the processes & obtain the tools that drive impact

Reveal hidden patterns: You’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions that address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s growth.

Get a clearer picture: Export visualizations and reports that bring static data to life, tell a story and pave the way for decisive action by identifying data that drives impact.

Leap ahead of the competition: Use your supplier data to spot trends that alert you to emerging risk or the chance to be first to market with innovations.

Identify the suppliers that are your true partners.  Get a clear objective view of those suppliers that help you be your best.  


Leveraging resource allocation data builds more profitable relationships.

Lyft relies on Qonsultum to help them drive impact all the way down to their independent supplier partners—the result: a new way to demonstrate socio-economic impact to their client customers and the community.  

Powerful reporting, analytics and forecasting

The traditional approach to calculating socio-economic impact requires collecting and analyzing thousands of third-party data sources, which takes months.  With the Handprint®, gain actionable real-time impact data in minutes. 

Reward your suppliers for helping you deliver on your customer promise.

In economics, incentives are essential because they can encourage positive outcomes. In other words, incentives can be used to reduce economic inefficiencies.

Betting on tomorrow

Circularity matters because it is powerful and can be used at every scale. It’s a way to think about [reducing] waste, and it’s a way to think about the front end, what we make and buy. With circular consumption, every resource we extract from the earth is incredibly valuable and stays in use for a long time.

Moving from what you say to what you do [or don't]

ESG reporting shows investors the company’s environmental, social, and corporate governance goals, and how it’s handling potential issues in these areas.